With more than 20 years of career in IT, manager and project leader in different environments, positions and cultures, including national and international companies;
Business executive with multidisciplinary broad experience, including leadership positions in Business Management in national and international organizations in the United Kingdom, Portugal, USA, Mozambique and Australia. Implementing new technology projects, developing new concepts, ideas and technologies, managing strategic international alliance with new partners, full cycle software development management.

Executive Leadership Competencies:

Planning and Management, Due Diligence & Negotiations, Strategic Planning, Business Demand Management, Communication & Expectations Management, Business Relationship Management, Internal Change Management, Team Leadership & Team Building Initiatives, Understanding Cultural differences, Critical Thinking, Complex Problem Solving, Judgment and Decision Making, Active Listening.

Team spirit, the ability to communicate, motivates, inspire and build trust among colleagues and collaborators. Capacity or ability to lead, direct, guide, and manage in an efficient way. Successful at enabling a group to engage together in the process of developing, sharing and working on an idea, project, or production.

Tolerance and Respect:

Capacity to recognize and respect the beliefs, practices, cultures, traditions, principles and positions of others.